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7 Useful Tips for Proper Funeral Etiquette

Posted by ocillious 10th April 2017 0 Comment(s)


When there is a death in the family or someone whom you know personally dies the first thing to strike, your mine will be to help them. But you are not sure about what to do or what to say. This is completely natural to feel this way.


The highest privileges you can accept is by helping a friend or family member during such time. Here is the guide through how you can properly etiquette of funerals and visitations. This will make you feel confident because you will know that your actions are appropriate and welcomed. This will also help you to take advice on how you can be of comfort to the bereaved.


What is appropriate dress ???


This is the time when you must dress well so that everything is rightly followed.  Black must be avoided to wear for visitation or to the funeral. The dressing should be in a way that you show respect to the family and the other mourners. For men this means usually wearing a conservative tie and a suit, whereas for women it would be conservative clothes as well. Children’s if any attending should be well dressed in better clothes similar to what they would be wearing for a church visit. However, this is not mandatory, the most important thing that matters here is your presence there and not what or how you have dressed.

When should I Visit ???


Immediately after learning of a death, the close ones, including intimate friends of the family should pay a visit to the home of the mourners. This is to offer sympathy and ask if they can help in any way. However, there are multiple ways to help the family of deceased one by providing them food or assisting in taking care of the kids. During such time, taking care of other things like attending calls or answering at the door would be of great help.

For condolence visit, you can go anytime after or before the funeral. Visiting first week would be recommended.

Should I bring a funeral flowers ???


Flowers make a great tribute and can be of great comfort to the family. Imagine walking into a room filled with beautiful flowers and the soft smell will make you understand how something so simple can yet be meaningful.

However, in particular cases you can send funeral flowers arrangements available online for delivery. Sending flowers at home after the funeral would be good idea. If not sure about which is the right flower associated with funeral, then the florist can guide you with the right flower and appropriate price range.  However, if the family requests you to avoid flowers then you must respect their orders. Avoid sending flowers to to an Orthodox Jewish funeral.Send lilies flowers UK as they are associated with sympathy.


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Is it Okay to use smart-phone at a funeral ???



If you are in intimate relation with the deceased family, then avoiding phone calls would be recommended unless there is something very important for you on the call. If it is related to the current situation, then you can but other than this, it would be disrespecting the situation and the deceased family emotions.


What is the funeral processional and a recessional ???



Funeral processional is a procession in a motor vehicle or by foot. This is from a funeral home or church or any other place to the cemetery or church. The deceased is transported in a hears with family and close ones in the vehicle.


What should I say and not say at a funeral ???



What you say depends upon if this is the first time or have already paid condolence on call.  If this is the second time you are paying visit after the funeral, then simply greet family or friend warmly. Express an interest in their comfort and Progress.

Express your sympathy if this is the first time you are meeting since the death. You should be very warm in addressing because if you directly bring up the death then it would turn into tears. This would be not a good way to address in public as it could be very painful to your friend to overcome the loss. Be tactful in your comments and say something like “understand this would be difficult for you these days to cope with the situation”. You can also ask your friend about what will be the right time to talk.


What is the difference between a funeral and a memorial ???



Funeral is held to memorialize the deceased person with their body present. Whereas memorial is to memorialize the deceased person with their body and not the presence. There are different rituals and norms carries by different cultures. If the person is cemented and a service is held with the cremated human remains present, then it is considered as a memorial service. However, if burial is occurred prior to the service for a loved one, then the service is a also considered as memorial services. In simple terms to remember, if the body is in service, then it is a Funeral service and if not then it is considered as Memorial service.


Also send rose flower UK white would be the ideal choice to pay tribute or show your sympathy using our same day flowers delivery UK service because distance doesn’t matter in relation .  White and yellow flowers are majorly associated with sympathy and funeral so choosing one of them would be the right pick.


With these  Useful Tips for Proper Funeral Etiquette, you can present yourself in a better way.


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