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Sympathy Flowers : To Convey your Condolences by Traditional Way

Posted by ocillious 27th April 2016 0 Comment(s)

Sympathy Flowers : To Convey your Condolences by Traditional Way

Those little, satin lumps emerging in thousands of shades from supple green blades, never ceased offering charm, solace or grace. Their beauty indefinable, flowers forever have soothed the heat and cold of mankind’s gloom. ‘Sympathy flowers’ sent to people during a phase of sorrow serve as messengers of peace and hope – they drizzle the otherwise mournful ambiance with a little colour, fragrance and beauty.

At memorials and funerals, flowers and plants are a thoughtful way of commemorating the life of the departed, expressing earnest empathy with the bereaved family. An outpouring of floral tributes is remembered long after the memorial as one of the most heart-warming tokens and symbols of support.

Flowers are an essential component, because they show tribute and honour to the life of the person no more. Pale pastels are appropriate for a soft, feminine touch, while autumn tones convey a more masculine theme. Pristine white blooms denote purity, grace, and peace. Roses, especially dark-red ones, express undying love. While carnations and lilies are considered classic and have never gone out of style, presentations that are more personalized with condolence notes are pretty prevalent today.

The best sympathy flowers which are most popular ‘sympathy flowers’ which have conveyed condolences traditionally are roses, orchids, carnations and lilies.

Rose :

             Rose flowers  Sympathy red flower  

  • Appearing in dozens of hues of yellow and pink, the rose is considered a symbol of balance. The ‘beauty’ of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings. It is contrasted by thorns symbolizing defence, loss, and thoughtlessness.
  • White roses evoke piety and innocence which make them very suitable for expressing condolences, no matter what the relationship – friends, cousins, teachers et al.  Roses are perfect for casket sprays and standing arrangements and also, adding a single rose to a bouquet conveys enduring adoration and warmth for the departed. You can also send rose flowers online to describe a successful life and convey the joy of fondest memories.

Orchid : 

                   Orchid Plant

  • The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate and graceful Orchid, for ages has represented love, luxury, beauty and strength. The Orchid however, best symbolizes melancholia and blues. The exoticism of its enigmatic beauty makes it a unique ‘sympathy flowers’.
  • The significance of an orchid bouquet is unique because it is a lasting gift which has its blossoms intact long after other bouquets have wilted. Hence, rightly an orchid says, “I will always love you.”

Carnations : 

               Carnation Flowers​  Carnation Flower    Carnation flower

  • Carnations have remained a favourite flower choice for many different occasions. They are immediately recognizable, and possess a charm and allure that continues to enthral people around the globe. The powerful sentiments that these flowers convey are a perfect complement to their classic appeal and enduring freshness.
  • Long-lasting and fragrant, carnations are widely popular as flowers of condolence. Pink and red carnations convey gratitude, nostalgia and reminiscence. And white carnations like white roses, stand for purity and innocence. Carnations may be best presented at grandparents’ memorial and funeral.

Lilies : 



  • Lilies are perhaps the sweetest of the lot. It is a part of every occasion, be it the birth of a child, wedding of a loved one, or mourning a loss of someone close to heart. The importance of the Lily is found in almost every religion and forms a part of history and folklore. A lily like the white Stargazer expresses majesty, pulchritude and purity.
  • Lilies are commonly associated with funeral services, mainly because their beauty and simplicity makes them suitable for such an occasion. They evoke a feeling of peace and tranquillity Christians believe that the flower stands for ‘the radiance of the soul’.The Lily suggests that the soul of the deceased has returned to a peaceful state of innocence.

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