12 Most Beautiful Flowers to Gift

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12 Most Beautiful Flowers to Gift


Flowers – these are the things which, in their own way, express the feelings and emotions an individual has for his loved ones and thus, they need to be chosen carefully and in accordance with the occasion. Flowers have a beauty that is incomparable. It just breathes romance – from the colors to the fragrance. Thus, choosing the right kind of flowers will make your loved one feel happy. Numerous varieties of flowers exist in the world, and not all of them are for your sweetheart. A girl should be gifted the flower. Pair up the flowers with chocolate gift boxes and you will see her melt with affection and love for you.


So, here are 12 of the best romantic flowers that you can give your sweetheart on special occasions –


Azalea Flowers :

Azalea flowers


Azalea flowers are a symbol of love and care. They have beautiful shades of both light and dark colors and this make them seem amazing. These flowers showcase femininity, in addition to care and love. Choose these flowers if you want to give them to someone to whom you might propose to soon.


Gardenia Flowers :


Gardenia flowers


Gardenias symbolize a secret love for another person. If you have someone in your life whom you love but cannot say so to her, then, this kind of flowers are your best choice. They have a sort of off-white color which gives them a peaceful image. You can also give these flowers to your moth on Mother’s Day, as well.


Cherry Blossom Flowers:


Cherry Blossom Flowers


The origin of Cherry Blossoms can be traced back to Japan and China. They are pink in color and have romantic smell. This flower has a dual meaning – in China, it signifies feminism, while in Japan, it symbolizes nature of life.


Yellow Daffodil Flowers :


Yellow Daffodil Flowers


Yellow Daffodils have a seemingly cute look to them. They are bright yellow in color and symbolizes luck and new beginning. If you want to wish your loved one food luck, then give her these flowers. Also, they help give your garden a fresh look and add some bright color to the garden.


Jasmine Flowers :


Jasmine flowers


Jasmines symbolize elegance. They have an elegant look to them, and displays mobility and grace. These flowers actually imply ‘I attach myself to you’ and thus, giving these flowers to your loved one is a great idea. For your beautiful princess, you can give her a tiara or garland of Jasmine flowers to make her truly feel like a princess.


Tulip Flowers :

Tulip flowers


For your lady love, you can never go wrong with tulips. They are the best wat to express the external love you have for her. You can buy various colored tulips and tie them together with a red colored ribbon and this will truly tell her how much you love her unconditionally. You can also give her a single colored tulip of her favorite color to make her feel especially special.


Daisy Flowers :

daisy flowers


Daises symbolize purity, liveliness, and happiness. They are cute in their own simple ways. They are cheerful flowers and are quite perfect for making your loved one’s day when she comes back from a very tiresome day at her job. You can buy fresh daises for a Sunday morning and give these to her with her breakfast. She will simply love it.


Iris Flowers:

Iris flowers


Irises are such a gorgeous and amazing flower that when you give them to your lady love, her day will liven up instantly. They have a lot of meaning attached to them – hope, love, and admiration for her. This is the perfect gift for your wife on every special occasion that you get to celebrate with her.


Rose Flowers :


rose flowers


The ultimate symbol of love – roses. It has an exclusive fragrance that makes it immensely mesmerizing. Women, in general, prefer to be gifted these flowers, even on a regular day. Roses make them feel special and wanted. These flowers are utilized for decorating on special dinners. They make up for an immensely romantic ambiance. These flowers are quite overrated, however, they are the ultimate symbol of pure love and affection. A cheesy but immensely romantic gesture is spreading rose petals all over the bed on the night of your wedding. If you are going out on your first date with her will make her feel immensely special. Also, a single rose does the trick too. You can also send roses to surprise her and liven up her mood.


Lily Flowers :


Lily flower bouquet


Lilies symbolize devotion and friendship. They enhance the beauty of any place in which they are kept. These flowers are immensely sophisticated. Lilies can lighten up the mood when you are apologizing to her for some reason and can simply melt her heart. The element of friendship of your relationship will be enhanced when you gift her lilies. So, you can buy a bunch of them when you are getting ready for your next date. Or, you can simply give them to her when you guys are about to go out for dinner or some occasion. She will be both emotional and happy to receive these flowers.


Sunflowers and Other Wild Flowers :


 Sunflowers and Other Wild Flowers


The attractive and yellow-petal flowers, Sunflowers, symbolize longevity and loyalty. They turn to face the sun and grow and thus, are called sun flowers. Sunflowers and other wild flowers tend to last for a long time, unlike other flowers, and thus, are sometimes, preferred over other flowers. These flowers enhance the appeal of a garden when they are in full bloom. You can grab a bunch of these flowers and present to her every morning. This will be considered to be quite a sweet gesture, and will brighten up her mood for the rest of the day, and will, in turn, strengthen your bond.


Carnations Flowers :


Carnations flowers


After roses, carnations are just the appropriate flowers for showing your affection and love to your sweetheart. They symbolize fascination, and love. In full bloom, they look gorgeous and radiant in their beautiful white color. They come in either white or red colors and can be grown easily. Brides often carry white Carnations while they are walking down the aisle as they perfectly complement the white wedding gown of the bride. In combination with other flowers, white carnations make beautiful bouquets. So, when you are celebrating a sweet occasion with your sweetheart, give her a bouquet of white carnations, and red roses. Trust me, she will simply love it.


So, these are the 12 best type of flowers which you can give your sweetheart when you guys are celebrating any sort of happy occasion. You can choose to buy and deliver flowers online by taking the help of a florist who will comply with your needs. Just make sure you pick the right one for the occasion and you will simply bring a smile to your loved one’s face and liven up their mood instantly. This will also make the bond you share with her, stronger.


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