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Etiquette of Giving Flowers to Her : Every Man Should Know

Posted by ocillious 27th July 2017 0 Comment(s)

ettiquette of giving her flowers


Flowers are the symbol of femininity. Girls connect themselves easily with flowers. Flowers make women more receptive to love and brighten her mood. Do you want to gift flowers to the special women in your life? If yes, then take into the consideration that for what purpose and occasion you are buying flowers for her. The color of the flower and how you give them also plays an important role for pleasing her.


Here are some basic rules of flowers etiquette for men which help to impress her.



How to give her flower?


how to give her flowers


You must first do your homework that what kind of flower suits the person whom you are giving. Pay attention while you are buying the flowers from a florist. Wrap the flowers to make them more attractive. Wrap beautiful flowers in a transparent sheet, make a cone and put flowers in that cone. Also, add a card. Cut a small piece of paper, make a hole and tie colorful ribbon. You must be very careful at the time of delivering it to your girl. Your girl is going to love this beautiful bouquet.


If you want to propose your girl, then select her favorite place. The place can be hotel rooftop, fountain, national park or monument. Arrange a choir or brass band for a surprise performance at the time of proposal. You can also arrange a street caricaturist to sketch the picture of you with your girl and flowers. So, now bend on your knee and propose her with the bouquet of flowers..!


Why flowers the best gift for her?


why flowers best gift for her


Girls admire natural beauty. Flower radiates natural beauty that can easily attract any girl. A girl forgets all her tension and worries when she looks at flowers. Send flowers UK to your girl, mother or wife. Flowers are romantic and have their secret language. You can express your love and untold feelings through flowers. The scent of the flowers contains a romantic feeling. Flowers just smell and look gorgeous.


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How many flowers you should give her?


how many flowers you should give her


The number of flowers you give depends on place to place and occasion to occasion. In the US, dozens of flowers are perfect to gift her. In Europe, even numbers of flowers are the tradition to give. 13 numbers of flowers are considered unlucky. If you are living in Asia, don’t give four flowers to your girl!! Lovers prefer to give single flowers. Just order her favorite flowers and send them. We are the best florista online.



Which is the suitable flower color for her?


which is the best flower for her


Picking the right color of flowers is also very important. Daisy and carnations come in many colors. Never give white flowers in Asia. White symbolizes mournful and unhappy occasions. White flowers are given at funerals. In Asia red symbolizes happiness and life. In Mexico, red flowers symbolize evil and white flower symbolizes life.


Always gift her bold colors like yellow, orange. Keep the wrapping of the flowers simple. You can wrap them in ribbons, bows and frills.



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When to give her flower?


when to give her flowers


You can give her flowers without any occasion. Well, giving flowers is must on some special occasions.


  •       Say sorry with flowers- It works best with the beautiful, colorful and aromatic flowers.
  •       Random occasions- There is no particular occasion to give flowers. Gift her flowers once in a week to make her happy.
  •       Date- Got a girlfriend!! Pick her at late evening and surprise her with a bouquet of flowers.
  •       You give her flowers numerous times, she is going to love that.
  •       Birthday- Wish her happy birthday with fresh flowers.
  •       Anniversary- Remember your wedding with beautiful flowers. Express your emotion of love and romance to her.
  •       Valentine’s day- On this day, gifting a bouquet of red roses is must. Never forget to give her flowers on this occasion.


Which is the perfect flowers for her?


which is perfect flower for he


Roses are red. They symbolize love and romance. White means that lets be friends and I don’t love you. Pink is somewhere between red and white. If you really want to impress your girlfriend, then gift her flowers.


Lilies with fern leave with wildflowers can be put near the window. Give a bright color flower to her. To create romantic occasion’s gift mixed wildflower bouquet. Stargazer lilies smell amazing. So, if she likes the sweet aromatic smell of flowers, gift her stargazer. Never give cacti or any desert plant to her. If she wants something, that can grow. Gift potted tulips or orchids.


Flowers have the immense power to hypnotize girls. They can spend hours and hours admiring the beauty of flowers. So, order flowers now to impress her. Our team will do the same day flowers delivery.


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