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5 Unique Easter Gift Ideas

Posted by ocillious 08th April 2017 0 Comment(s)


During Easter, children love receiving Easter gift baskets which are filled with gifts and chocolates. These Easter gift baskets come in all shapes and sizes. However, rarely it happens that people actually know what Easter baskets are and traditionally, what used to be the contents to an Easter gift basket. Generally, an Easter basket is filled with Easter eggs, toys, food items, and/or other gifts, and these depend on an individual’s culture. In the US, the tradition of Easter consists of the fictional character Easter Bunny delivering gift baskets, overnight, to the good children. The Easter Bunny is generally the parents who fill up the baskets candies, toys, and chocolate eggs on the night before Easter, and the children wake up to find their Easter basket.


So, what are some unique Easter gift ideas with which you can fill up an Easter gift basket so that your kids will be delighted ?


Well, here are the best 5 choices :–


Easter Care Box of Bunny Chocolate Kisses

You can add some class to your Easter gift basket. Chocolate kisses have a hazelnut filled center, which are great way to add festive cheers to the Easter baskets, and the joy of seasonal gift giving. It doesn’t matter if these gifts are being given to your kids or your friends or your relatives or you want some for yourselves, this great mix of chocolate kisses with hazelnut centers will bring a smile to everyone’s faces. You can send chocolate gifts UK to your loved one using best UK delivery service.


Special Cookies for Easter

 Let’s face it – no special occasion for any special day is complete without cookies, and this is no different for Easter. Fill up an Easter gift basket with special cookies just for the occasion of Easter. These cookies can be Jelly Bean Cookies, Sugar Cookies, Chocolate Chip cookies, and other tons of cookies. You can take the help of an online service to Send Cookies Gifts UK to your loved ones, this Easter.


Easter Cheer Gift Basket

You will see a face filled with smiles when you  deliver gift hampers UK to someone using our best UK delivery service. There are numerous things included in the gift basket like solid chocolate eggs and bunnies, luscious milk, spring truffles, and dark chocolate bar. On top of this, it has Limited Edition Plush Bunny which is also filled with chocolate eggs.


Perfect Easter Candy Bouquet

Everyone loves bouquet. But, everyone loves them more when they are filled with chocolates. So, why don’t you, this Easter, present someone with a Candy Bouquet. These are quite easily available or can be customized by ordering them at your local confectioners. Every part of the bouquet is edible – from the leaves, to the stems, to the petals themselves. The flowers are made from chocolate eggs to spread the joy to Easter.


Easter Cup Cake


Cupcakes are another great part of Easter and any other celebration you can think of. To provide a touch of sweetness to the already sweet Easter basket, add a couple of cupcakes to the basket. These cupcakes include Chirpy Chick Cupcakes, Carrot Topped Cupcakes, and another whole bunch of cupcakes. You can send cake online UK to everyone you love , this Easter by taking the help of an online cake delivery service.


So, these are the best and unique ideas for giving some great gifts this Easter. Make sure you fill up an Easter basket with as many goodies as possible to spread the joy this Easter, and watch everyone’s face fill up with a smile. Happy Easter to you and everyone in your family!


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