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Simple and Delicious Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas

Posted by ocillious 26th February 2016 0 Comment(s)

Simple and Delicious Chocolate Cake Decorating Ideas

Chocolate is the first lust for everybody. But when it comes in more fascinating art it creates a great impact on mind too. Here we are going to share you wonderful ideas for decorating chocolate on cake. Have fun of eating cake with super decorating chocolates art here. You can easily make it on your own, please have a look at the simple and easy steps.

Easy edible chocolate garnishes

Here you go for the heart shape killer art of chocolate. Just you need to do the simple exercise of melting chocolate in to the readymade heart shape mould pan. Let it set in freeze, now take out and set the chocolate heart on cake. Buy chocolates online from our super easy chocolate delivery kiosk.

Simple perpendicular marbling

Never easy task of garnishing cake is easy with our simple step. You can easily get marble finishing by piping the vanilla and butter cream on the cake.  Now smoothly give a wavy look by using spatula. Flowery border of butter crème with sweet strawberry give a perfect look to the cake.

Fine art finish

Grab a very simple idea of giving rustic look of the cake without thinking of any art. Just melt white chocolate in cone, draw irregular lines and get a special hands free design on cake. It is a great fun you can also involve kids to draw random lines without thinking of art.

Wraparound cookies

Give the cake border very finest finishing touch with using tube-shaped wafer cookies. You can décor the border with using standing sticks of wafer cookies. Use contrast color for making it look more exquisite. You can also use rolled cookies, tube-shaped candies, chocolate sticks or pretzel sticks for more expressive look. For the perfect sponge cake you can pop here and get cake online.

Wraparound cookies

Fruit fiesta

Nothing can give you finest look than fruits. When we think about fruits with chocolate, Chocó dipped strawberries comes first in mind. Make a flowery look with topping a Chocó strawberries drizzled with fine lines of white chocolate. Fill the gap with blue berries and simple strawberries. Cake with Fruit Fiesta is ready to eat. If your kid doesn’t eat fruit easily, this is the finest way to eat him fruits with cake.

Mixed methods

Get the highly decorative and award winning cake method using chocolate butter cream icing. Three layer’s border is piped for shell and borders. Top floor is garnished with rustic cocoa butter cream icing. And on the top edible garnishing with fresh strawberries gives it a perfect finishing touch to the cake.

So here are the useful tips to start decorating cakes for birthday party, baby showers, graduations, wedding anniversary or congratulations event. It perfectly goes well in all celebration; just you need to bake cake at home. Edible garnishing, fruit fiesta and pipe border are very easy to apply at home only. This is very finest and super easy idea of getting compliments from guests. Hope you like it.

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