Keep Hanging Basket Fresh For a Long Time in All Season with Our Tips

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Keep Hanging Basket Fresh For a Long Time in All Season with Our Tips


Hanging Basket looks wonderful in all season. You can easily plant hanging basket and keep it fresh in every season with our important guidelines we are going to describe over here. It is important to keep watch on the plants, it needs lot of care and attention if you want perfect garden at your homes. It is our privilege to show you the best idea of nourishing your hanging basket with small instructions we have carried here for you. So why to wait let’s have a look here under.


Suitable Watering as Per Season


Well hanging plants is easy to hang but it is not very easy to maintain as you feel. Every time you need to maintain the water capacity of plant. Over watering is bad and dry soil harms to plant. Dip your finger in pot if it is dry then fill the water with jug, don’t spray just on leaves. Once you water, water will drain from the holes from the pot holes, which mean you have added enough water Once a week unhook the pot and let it soak in the tub of water for half n hour to provide the oxygen to the roots. In summer season it is compulsory to water twice daily, because soil get dried early on these days. If you wish you can also send fresh flower gifts with our immediate online floral service.




Add water soluble fertilizers to get a good growth of your plants. You can use it once every two weeks in the 14-14-14 or 20-20-20 water soluble fertilizer in water and dissolve it correctly. It can burn the plant if it is not dissolved in the water perfectly. It will insecticide your plant and provides fresh blooms in your plant.


Remove Deadheads from Plants


It is necessary to remove the deadlier leaves from the plant. It will rejuvenate and refresh the plant and provide space to born new flowers or leaves in that space. Sunlight is necessary for the basket, but exceed sun light can burn to plant. Keep it in shadowy roof in the summer season to survive your plant. Want to send end time gift?  Flowers for same day delivery is right here to send your immediate wishes hassle free.


Grow Season Plant


You can plant seasonal flowers plant and get the fresh blooms of the season. Season’s flowers grow in the seasons only. You can grow other seasonal plants with the same guide of planting we have procured here from you. It will give your home a fresh look and you will also have the fun of scenting fresh flower bloom of the special season.


Here you go; you are ready to scent the fresh blooms in all seasons with our online gift shop. If you are a green thumb then it is the best option for home gardening without taking any panic. Just you need to take a little attention on the small caring instructions we have brought here for you.


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