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Stressed spelled backwards become desserts. Then what is better than eating a cake when stressed? Cakes come under the category of desserts and preferred by all, children and adults alike. Cakes are often served as a celebratory dish on ceremonial occasions. An amateur cook can make a cake because of the available baking equipment and directions.

What is Cake?

The dictionary defines..

  • Cakes as - bread like food made from a batter that is usually baked in flat shapes and is often unleavened.

In layman’s terms though,

  • Cakes are baked type of desserts. In old times, the cake was made from breads, but as culinary arts advanced, so did the cakes.

The word ‘cake’ has come a long way, dating right back to the 13th century. It found its origin with the Vikings, from the Old Norse word, ‘kaka’. The ancient Greeks called the cake as plakous, which was derived from the word plakous meaning flat.

Which Ingredients are Used to Make Cake?


Cake Ingredients


Cakes are distinguished based on ingredients and mixing techniques. Though the cake has basic ingredients – flour, sugar, eggs, butter or oil, and baking soda or powder.

  • Most of the cakes contain wheat flour as the base of the mix which gives the cake its crumb structure, as well as binds all the ingredients.
  • Sugar gives the cake its infamous sweetness, as well as prevents formation of excessive gluten. Brown sugar, honey, corn syrup are now-a-days used in place of white sugar.
  • Eggs perform various functions, ranging from adding color, right to nutrition and retain moisture.