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Something strange why women crave on chocolates most

Posted by ocillious 17th February 2017 0 Comment(s)


One of the most arguably popular treats in the world is chocolate, and there is a high probability that you like chocolates, too. Even though if you eat too much chocolate, it might affect your health negatively, but, generally, you cannot stop yourself from eating a huge amount of it. Specially, if you are a woman. You tend to watch what you eat and how much you eat. But, chocolates have always been the weak spot for women. Don’t worry. If you are a woman, and feel guilty about eating tons of chocolate, then, good news for you. We have created a list of 8 reasons for you to be happy about eating all the chocolate you want. It might make you feel easy at heart to know that if you eat chocolate in a moderate quantity, it is quite helpful for your brain functions, your heart, and tons of other organs. It has a positive effect on your sight and skin. On top of this, it has the ability to prevent Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes. So, when you buy chocolates online do so without feeling guilty.


Helps Women to Prevent Pregnancy Problems


Dark chocolate helps in the creation of the bromine, which stimulates the heart, dilates blood vessels, and relaxes smooth muscles. It also helps in the prevention of pre-eclampsia, a condition which might abruptly increase the blood pressure of pregnant women. It also helps in the elimination of free radicals by the creation of antioxidants in the form of flavonoids. Magnesium, contained in chocolates, helps lower blood pressure and prevents hypertension.


Works as Stress Reliever for Women


According to a research team at the UC San Diego, people tend to indulge in chocolates during times of emotional turbulence and stress. As it stands, this might not be a bad thing. Swiss scientists have found that if immensely anxious individuals tend to eat an ounce and half of dark chocolates, for full two weeks, the levels of stress hormones in their body were reduced to a large extent and stress’s metabolic effect were mitigated partially.


Produce the Feeling of ‘Being in Love’


A love compound found in chocolate stimulates the nervous system and releases the pleasure hormone known as ‘endorphin’. The giddy, restless feelings which occur when we are in love is due to this love compound. Also, it potentiates the dopamine activity of the brain and this leads to pleasure and sexual arousal. It also acts as a great anti-depressant in both males and females. When a female is in love and making love, chocolate releases the love compound during that time in the brain and, this leads to orgasms. However, this might not always occur. Individual chemistry also has a role to play, but chocolates produces compounds which promotes the brain chemistry of being in love.


Makes Women More Intelligent


When it is really required, like being under pressure to finish a work in time, it is a great idea to grab a bar of dark chocolate. It will have two effects on your body – it will reduce stress and boost brain power. A Nottingham University researcher concluded that drinking hot chocolate or eating a bar of dark chocolate boosts the flow of blood to various key part of the brain, and this enhances alertness and performance for a short term.


Helps Women to Make Soft and Brighter Skin


Dark chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants which reduces skin roughness and provides sun protection. The Journal of Nutrition has concluded the fact that women who eat a chocolate bar every other day have better skin texture and a stronger resistance to the sun’s UV rays. It is also rich in probiotics and prebiotics which reduces inflammation. The higher the percentage of cocoa present in the chocolate, the better it is for the skin. Contrary to popular belief, it doesn’t cause acne at all.


Helps Women During PMS


Women are suckers for chocolates, and it is a good thing because it has immense nutritional values. So, the question arises – why should you eat this when you are PMS-ING? Simple chocolate is the richest source of magnesium in the world. Magnesium is considered to the ‘major mineral for relaxation’. This implies that chocolates assist in relaxing your body, nerves, and muscles. This mineral helps with cramps and due to the unique antioxidant profile of dark chocolate, it also boosts serotonin levels in the body. Serotonin automatically helps you feel better and acts as a pain reliever within your body.


Helps Women to Bear Healthier and Happier Babies


During pregnancy, if women tend to eat chocolate daily, they had a better capability to manage stress than the expecting mothers who did not eat chocolate. Additionally, a study conducted by Finnish researchers have that the chocolate-eating mother had happier babies, who smiled more often. So, this a great enough reason to indulge in the chocolate gifts you receive during pregnancy.


Improves Women Moods


Chocolates help in alleviating the mood of women. The properties which are found in chocolate enhance the production of neurotransmitters known as endorphin's in the brain, spinal cord, and other areas of the body. An enhancement in the levels of endorphin give an overall feeling of pleasure and well-being. It also acts as a natural pain killer. Another property in chocolate known as serotonin performs as a mood upliftment agent and an antidepressant.


So, the next time anyone sees you taking a chocolate gifts delivery  for yourself, and starts saying things like chocolate will make you fat and stuff like that, just show him/her this list which proves the best effects of chocolate on the body of women. It is quite easy to get chocolate gifts in UK  just order some for yourself online. But, just remember one thing – don’t over indulge in chocolate as it might not be good for your health. Chocolates with flowers are best gifts for anyone. You can send online flowers to UK with chocolates to your dear ones and make them feel special. Flowers with chocolates are best gift combinations for special day.


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