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The Right Way to Bring Flowers on A First Date

Posted by ocillious 21st May 2016 0 Comment(s)

The reasons why you should bring flowers on a first date are weighty enough to convince you. For the advent of your romantic journey you want to bring something that is neither too pushy, awkward, nor something that gives the idea that you are too reluctant and detached. The very first thing that crosses the mind is a bunch of beautiful and blooming flowers.

As most of us must already know that nothing could express feelings better than something that has life in it. However, you must master the art of knowing how to appease your partner with the right kind of gifts. Contrary to what you might think and believe, all flowers do not convey the same meaning and there is so much more to flowers than colours and fragrance. Flower is best unusual gifts for her.

It would be a pity if you don’t realize that and get the usual, generic red rose bouquet for your first date. For all you dummies out there, utterly confused regarding matters of the heart and the ways to convey them properly, here is a little bit advice which may help you seal the deal on the first day itself:

Do Some Research on the Different Strains of Flowers

Some of you may feel it to be quite unnecessary, but it is in fact extremely important if you want to impress your woman. Make yourself familiar with the different kinds of flowers and the symbolic interpretation in gifting them to someone special. You will automatically get into the good books of your date if you explain her meanings and reasons for you gifting a particular variety of flowers to her.

Know Her Likes and Dislikes

This is another important aspect of successful dating. There is no point in gifting her something that does not match with her choices and preference. It is obvious different women will have a different knack towards things. Get to know your date before gifting her anything.

If she likes bright colours and pompous patterns, flowers like pansies and violas are ideal for her. If she is more into subtle and soothing things there are numerous options to pick from, the best of which are daisies, lilies and tulips.

Go for Online Shopping and Delivery

It is not always necessary for you to bring a handful while meeting her. There are other romantic ways of getting your date in the right mood for her special day.

You may send flowers to her for via online delivery on the morning of the date prior to your meeting. This will certainly make her feel special and impress her beyond anything. Online shopping centres have a huge variety to choose from and promise delivery in due time. That saves your time and labour and helps you express your feelings better.

Make It Memorable

You only get to have one first date. And as the saying goes “first impression is the last impression”, it is only wise to make the most use of it. It is simpler than you think it is. All you need to do is make your feelings expressed properly through the right gift and treatment.

For innovation you can add a note to your bouquet. It can be something out of your mind, or if you are not that much of an articulate go for quotations by some famous poet or author. Because it is not only the gift, but the feelings and values associated with it that tie you the affectionate bond. Flowers will after all dry up in a while, but the memory attached to it shall linger in the mind of the recipient time after time. 

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