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Some Effortless Ideas to Decorate the Party with Balloons

Posted by ocillious 25th February 2016 0 Comment(s)

Some Effortless Ideas to Decorate the Party with Balloons


Here are top 10 balloon party ideas to create any party a memorable one with unique birthday gifts. Cheers.

Golf Tee Balloon Garden: For your outdoor party, especially with club friends create a Golf Tee Balloon Garden by simply adding balloons to your lawn for an outdoor party or by tying strings to the golf tees


Balloon bouquets delivery: send a balloon bouquet delivery to please your loved one by sending a bunch of your choice. Be it minion balloon family or a Mickey and Minnie mouse bouquet or just geometric shapes with cute heart shaped too. To maximize the pleasure the recipient gets, add a stuffed toy or cakes too.

Balloons table Centerpieces :Put glow sticks in each balloon before you inflate them – indeed a cute idea for a brilliant outdoor party – it provides a fun lighting idea.

Balloon Chandelier Table Numbers: For the much wanted and unconventional table numbers, create the floating “chandelier” with balloons and also hang some from the balloons! Including pictures of your guests, your significant other and you, the kids, and pictures with your guests from earlier parties would make the party a memorable one.

Balloon Ice Bucket and Balloon Ice Packs: We have bookmarked this for the summer over the months and it's finally time to bring in these freezer packs which transform into water balloons when they start melting. Ensure that you wait until ice has completely  melted.

Lollipop Balloons: With lollipop balloons for the kids or grown up kids you create a scene that comes right out of the famous Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory.



Make Balloons Wall

Balloon Backdrop: Photo booths are a major attraction at any party. Create a totally affordable backdrop by covering a whole wall with just balloons! If you do not prefer to take the helium route, just blow them and stick them on the walls. So much fun!

Unique birthday gifts : Use Balloons on Goody Bags and make unique birthday gifts. Avoid party panic to make the children experiences that they might be the kid who won’t get a balloon goody bag home. And to make your task easy, use same color for all to avoid the inevitable color battles. 

Gold Splatter Paint Balloons for your poolside decoration: Remember how most of us made splatter paint art stuff in school? Use this splatter technique for your poolside party or as your New Year’s Eve decorate.


Gold Splatter Paint Balloons for your poolside decoration


Balloons Garland


Fruit Balloon Garland: Throwing a party for your in laws' or parent's 50th/60th up to 80th and they are all health conscious?  Make a genius balloon garland with fruit props and balloons as some fruits. You may use the balloon lollipops too. On stringing some colorful balloons together using a needle, a thread and voila.  Better to opt for the helium-filled balloons and create the arch! 


Fruit Balloons


Make cone using Balloons- Macrame Balloons: Got no time to a run into Party City to get helium? Whip simple macrame balloon holders using cones and your party is bound to stay afloat. 


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