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Send Bunch Of Flowers For Birthday

Posted by ocillious 02nd July 2014 0 Comment(s)

Send-Bunch Of Flowers For Birthday


Flowers are the best gifts for birthdays. Even if you are unable to send anything else, just send a bunch of flowers to wish someone on his/her birthday. It will suffice. A lot can be said with flowers without so much as spending a word. Flower bouquets for birthday can be sent to any and everyone. Be it a friend, a relative, a colleague, a neighbor and so on.


Red Roses For Your Sweetheart




If it is your sweetheart’s birthday you are celebrating, send him/her a bunch of fresh red roses. The ones that come with a long stalk. Just a simple, fuss free bunch of roses and you are good to go. Send roses to your sweetheart on his/her birthdays via online gift portals and delivery services. If you can put your hands on a certain long-stalked variety of rose you might as well send a single flower. It looks rather classy tied with a satin ribbon.


Red roses are available in great variety. Check out the types available with your florist. Rather, before you choose your florist, check the variety of red roses available at their store. The florists who have set up online stores also have elaborate catalogues for flowers.




A Gerbera Birthday Bouquet


Gerbera Birthday Bouquet






When you send an acquaintance a bunch of flowers on his/her birthday, you can go with Gerbera. Gerbera comes in a variety of colors and are perfect for a formal connection. Gerbera bouquets can therefore be sent to professional contacts on their birthdays. You can, for example, send a Gerbera bouquet to your boss or to your mother-in-law on her birthday. Gerbera bouquets are available in red, orange, white, and more colors. However, do keep in mind that though gerbera flowers look great in arrangements, a multi-colored Gerbera bouquet more often than not ends up looking tacky. It is wiser, therefore, to go for a single or double colored gerbera   arrangement in case of bouquets.     








Orchids have of late become quite popular as birthday flowers. These are for those that like to steer clear from conventionality. Since orchids come in a great and wide variety of colors, they offer a high scope of experimentation so far as the arrangement is concerned. A person with an edgy sense of taste is most likely to appreciate orchids on his/her birthday. Also, orchids stay fresh for a long time after being picked, which is why they are also a florist’s delight.   





Lilies are in a league of their own. They are easily one of the most commonly chosen bunch of flowers for birthdays, weddings, funerals and so on. Think of an occasion, and lilies are fit to be sent. Owing to their color variety, lilies can be used differently for different people. For example, a somber white lily bouquet is fair for an elderly person. You can find more ideas for gifts from Pink lilies for a younger chirpier soul.In order to send out a bunch of flowers on someone’s birthday, you can place an order for bouquets online.                                                                         


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