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Want a stunning celebration in a budget? Here’s the answer!

Posted by ocillious 04th October 2017 0 Comment(s)

party in a budget


It's always a pleasure to arrange a party for dearest one. However, with busy mundane life, we often get tired. We also want to make it more of fun, enjoyable and goes off without a hitch. Are you dilemma of organizing a stunning party which fits the budget as well? Well here are some incredible do's and don'ts for you which will help you out.




Before making your final call for the party these will help you in figuring out everything. A list of Do's which will make your party celebration for everyone from kids to adults.


#1 : Keep It Simple 

keep it simple

The first and foremost thing to do is to keep the party simple as much as possible. Make sure that your party doesn't clash with your other timings. If you are organizing a party for a toddler it should not last long enough to make them feel boring. Keep it for around two hours so they can enjoy very well. Don’t decide to arrange the venue for the party whereas you can have fun at your own home or in the backyard.



#2 : Cake An Inevitable Part Of The Celebration

cake an in inevitable part of celebration

One of the most important things about any party is a cake. It's an inevitable part of the celebration. With so many different types of cake available you can go for the one which they love. If you are good at baking, then bake a cake and decorate it as you like. It will be healthy, delicious and less costly. You can also go for cake delivery UK and blow off the candles.



#3 : Capturing Big Moments

self capturing movements

Nowadays you don’t need a camera to click pictures; a phone with the good camera works well. When your friend is all dressed up, take out some time, be a photographer and capture all the moments. From blowing off the candle to cutting cake and him/her giggling and enjoying. Years later when you and your friends are going to look back, you will see how much you have come so far. You will relieve all the good times.



# 4 : Right Food & Drink

right food and drink

Who doesn’t love junk food? Everyone loves it but you don't want them to thrive on it. Cooking food at home requires a lot of planning and time but at the end, your recipients will get healthy, tasty and nutritious food. You can also give a try and make different cocktails to serve as a drink.  A small space should be occupied where everyone can enjoy their delicious food. You can also send wine gifts to your recipients as a gesture of appreciation.



# 5 : Theme

theme ideas

Picking up the right theme can be tricky for the party. So, go for a simple theme. A broad theme means numbers of guests. One might want to create DIY props from the videos as they are easy and simple to make. Pick up the themes which are less costly and cheap. You can go for a Retro theme or some spooky theme as well.





celebrations are like a dream for everyone. But don’t mess up with the cluster of things. We present you our list of Don'ts which will make it easier and less costly for you to organizing the party. 


#1 :  Invitation

less invitation

Keeping it with a minimal number of attendee’s works best for your party. It's definitely OK to not invite everyone. Don't invite your extended family, friends and all. The more you invite people, your budget increases. Therefore, a few numbers of friends whom you are close, few colleagues with whom you are amicable can be invited. It will save a lot of time and money.



#2 : Gift Tradition

gift tredition

Back in times, it was necessary to present gifts. But, now times have changed and it's completely okay to not gift. What really matters now, is the memories which we gift to one another to treasure for the lifetime.



# 3 : Too Much Decorative

decoration ideas

When it comes to a party, decorating it is a must. Often at times, we try to overdo it which makes it look unattractive. In spite of buying banners and other decoration stuff, go with simple decoration. You can find varieties of party balloons to make a big impact in your celebration from our online gift portal which is well known for balloon delivery UK. Try ribbons and lighting in the backyard to give a cozy look. 



# 4 : Entertainment 

self entertainment

Gone are the days when there used to be entertainment for the parties. A pleasant music playing in the background and chilling out with your friends is now in trend these days. You can opt for simple games or self entertaining dance and make it more interesting.


Planning a party is more of creativity and fun. Now you don't need to stress over yourself that how you will organize the party. Our list of dos and don’ts has solved your problem, so Go, organize the party and make pleasant memories.


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