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Power of Flowers: 10 Best Skincare Healing Flowers

Posted by ocillious 16th January 2017 0 Comment(s)

Pamper your skin and rejuvenate it with 10 best skin care healing flowers. Flower essential oils are now used as the best healing agent for treating muscle pain and arthritis. Flowers are the most important agent to repair the skin. Now there are many flower soaps and crèmes made by using flower. Here we are going to introduce you the beautiful flowers that are magically works on skin. It brightens and lightens the skin. It also works as an anti aging formula. Here is the power of flowers, please see to it over here under.

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Hibiscus Flowers


Hibiscus flowers


Hibiscus grows in different colors and shapes. The message of the hibiscus crushed leaves on the skin improves the elasticity of skin. It evens the skin tone and helps to purify your complexion. It is loaded with antioxidants anthocyanocides which helps in fighting the free radical damage and pollution. Those who have a very sensitive skin can apply hibiscus crushed flower on the inflamed skin. Boil the hibiscus flowers and use this cool water as a conditioner for hair. It enriches the growth of hair.

Rose Flowers


rose flowers


Everyone is aware of the beauty and fragrance of rose flower. But rose water is the best homemade remedy for healing the skin. It just not revitalizes the skin but also remove the dirt and pollutants from the skin. Just keep the roses in the water overnight and then apply it on your skin. Or you can dip the rose petals in the milk and apply it with cotton on your skin. Apply crushed rose petals on lips and you get the pinky and moist lips in a minute.

Pink Magnolia and Red Azalea Flowers


pink magnolia and red azalea flowers


For the inflamed or burning skin Pink Magnolia and Red Azalea flowers are the best herbal remedy. It can recover the dark spots and patches causes through overheated. It can repair over exposed heat and moisturize the skin. Azalea has a cooling property which brings the relief to the burning skin. It is good herbal moisturizer for the sensitive skin. It has a good antibacterial property which helps in fighting dullness and patches on the skin.


Jasmine Flowers


jasmine flowers


Jasmine flower is known for its sweet scent. Jasmine essential oil is used to nourish the skin and repair the skin. You can apply the jasmine petals on the skin and get rid from the aged and wrinkle skin. Clean jasmine petals and mix it with coconut oil. Now rub it on the skin in the circular motion with your fingers. It will glow your skin and tightens your skin. This is a simple remedy thrice a week.

Calendula or Pot Marigold Flowers


calendula flowers


Calendula has antibacterial and immunostimulant properties, used to disinfect wounds. Calendula or Pot Marigold Flowers proved as the best skin care flowers. It is has an eye-catching benefits of improving the skin complexion. Get the calendula petals in water for 15 minute and rinse your face this water. It works as an antibacterial agent to reduce the acne and dark spots. Calendula has an ability to protect the skin from blemishes.

Chamomile Flowers


Chamomile flowers


Chamomile is also one important edible flower that is used in the making herbal tea. it is enriched with antioxidants and anti ageing properties. It blooms in summer and used for making beauty soaps and crèmes also. We have included a simple recipe of face pack made by using Chamomile flower. Get Chamomile petals, lemon juice and row milk and mix it well. Now apply this face pack on your skin. Use this recipe on the skin to delight the skin. It helps in fighting the sun tan, black heads and pigments.

Marigold Flowers


Marigold flowers


Marigold flower is a best skin tonner. It tightens the skin. it has a high levels of carotendoids that is Vitamin A like compound. It cools the inflamed or burned skin. Pick some marigold petals and now mix that cleaned petals in honey and whole milk. Make a smooth paste and then apply it on your face. Wash the face after 15 minute. Marigold is annual flower that is available easily. And this ready to use face mask is good option to enrich the skin.

Peltiphyllum peltatum


petliphyllum flowers


This flower is used to rehydrate the dry skin. It balances the PH level of the skin and improves the health of the skin. Dehydration in the skin is normal in the winter times. Skin hydration happens due to less consumption of water in the body. Apply Peltiphyllum Peltatum flower petals on skin. Mix it with honey and milk and apply it on your face. Keep it for 15 minutes and wash your face. Do it every day if possible. This will rehydrate the skin and helps the skin to resolve the skin issues.

Lavender Flowers


lavender flowers


Everyone knows lavender flowers benefits. Lavender tea and lavender essential oil is the best remedy to detoxify the skin. Lavender is an amazing edible flower used to make herbal tea. Apart from this its fragrance is the best antidepressant agent. It uplifts the mood and used in improving sexual desires too. If you have lavender flower in your garden it is really a good agent to nourish your skin. First of all remove the petals from lavender flower and boil the flowers in hot pot for 5 minutes. Now separate the petals and water through strainer. Now add oats powder to this lavender water and make a fine paste. Apply it on your face. You can preserve that lavender water in freeze for several days and use it for making face mask every time. If you want you can also use that strained petals to make herbal tea. It is good for health and skin.


Anna Maria de Mont ravel Rose


white rose


This flower essence is introduced to give a healthy balance in the sebum. The sebum balance is necessary for the skin. The skin must not be too dry and must not be too oily. Anna Maria de Mont ravel Rose offers mature skin and hydrate parched skin. It is a skin perfecting flower effectively revives the skin. Apply the crushed petals with milk on your skin and see the result. You can do this remedy on any time of the day. This is a healthier version to exfoliates the skin and generate the blood circulation in the skin.

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