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Housewarming Gift Ideas

Posted by ocillious 11th August 2014 0 Comment(s)

Buying a house and making it a home is a big accomplishment in any individual’s life. Having a roof  under your head at times of distress or keeping the secrets within the four walls of your home is what everyone strives for. You can understand this feeling only if you have got the opportunity to stand in your own home. For others, it is just four walls and a roof, but for you it is the place where you can hide your secrets, shouts your gut out or cry until the sun rises up. It is like a temple for you.




Buying a house is an easy task, but making that house into a home is what every individual tries to achieve. It is true that you can go anywhere to any seven star hotel or to any luxurious resort, but the comfort that you will find within the walls of your home cannot be described in words. The home is the place where you forget all the stress of the upcoming project or the argument you had with your boss. Some believe that the walls and the interior of the home speaks to you, comforts you.


Ideal housewarming gift ideas


1) Flowers 




Though a very clichéd present, but still, it’s an ideal gift for housewarming party. Though flowers dry up, but still the days of their blossom adorned the home and the fragrance of the flowers makes the owner remembers you. The flowers may arrange from an intricate arrangement of daffodils to just a bunch of red roses.


2) Chocolates 




Who doesn’t like chocolates? Chocolates are an ideal gifting option for any kind of occasion. After a hectic day of packing and moving furniture getting a raspberry filled dark chocolate would uplift anyone’s mood. Chocolates are enjoyed by everyone ranging from a 5 year old child to a 65 year old grandma and if you want a healthier option to replace chocolates than I would recommend you to go for dark chocolates as according to research they have a beneficial effect on the heart.


3) Champagne 




A glass of bubble can make any party go from dim to wild and when your friend is getting a new home, then it’s all the more a good idea to add that necessary spark to the occasion. Champagne with its coupe or flute kind of glasses as you desire are an ideal gift for your liquor loving friend to add sophistication to your gift.


4)Barbeque Set 


 Barbeque Set


You all will remember those BBQ parties which you planned in your college days. Now you can gift those memories to your friends and plan some BBQ parties in the near future utilizing it with a chilled beer and chicken on the BBQ and you all remembering the good old days.


5) Feng-Shui Inspired gifts


 Feng Shui Inspired gifts


If your friend is very much obsessed with the concept of positive and negative energies in the house then, gift him anything ranging from the laughing Buddha statue to the crystal turtle, and that will make him/her happy.

So relax and start shopping for an ideal gift for your friend’s ideal home.


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