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7 Amazing ways to Decorating Cake

Posted by ocillious 11th July 2017 0 Comment(s)


May it be a birthday or any celebration, cake is always the center of attraction. Making the cake stand out is always a task when you be the host of the party. Here are some amazing ways to decorate your cake in an unusual way and make it special. Create a natural beauty on your cake  with these decoration ideas.


#1 : Cake Decoration With Cake Pop 



Cake pops are very interesting and fun to make. Anything that you love can be cake pop. Yes! If you love gems or M & M make a lovely cake pops out of them. There are an endless number of ideas to make your favorite cake pop.  Even cup cakes in tiny shape can be you double date cake pop.  To make this, just use crumbs of cake, add in some frost or cream to it and decorate the way you want it to be. With a stick inserted in it, your pop is ready to pop out of your cake.


#2 : Cake Painted With Edible Water Colors 



Water color cakes which are edible are the dreamiest one that stays favorite of all.  The exquisite three tier cake with hand painted fondant or cream makes an amazing care for all occasion. The use on water color can be beautifully painted on butter cream as well. Using the most romantic shades and the confetti’s the cake becomes one of the best wedding cakes.  With the cake delivery UK order one of the best water color cakes for your wedding or for birthday. These cakes also make beautiful corporate cakes to double the fun of celebration.


#3 : Naked Rustic 


This cakes do not have any fondant decals or butter cream ruffles, but still have amazing designs that can surprise everyone. Naked Rustic cake for wedding makes a beautiful surprise to everyone. A cake with a simple decal like a cluster of  red anemones makes a beautiful romantic cake that’s stands out for itself. Now send cakes UK with these Rustic ideas for your loved ones.


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#4 : Cake Decorate With Lolly Pop 

In a unique way, one can improvise by adding lolly pop to decorate the cake. Since, lolly pop is liked by all, it would give the charm and would the cynosure. Decorated with the stunning Rainbow Lollipops! The most fun one can think off  with a birthday cake! Have a perfect balance of romance and the edge with Rainbow Lollipops as the decorating pop. They create a beautiful centerpiece. Lolly pops are romantic and add a different architecture to  Tiered Cake Pop cake. Adding some fun and exciting pops to the cake can make the centerpiece have a fun. Cakes are the centerpiece of every occasion and celebration. A fun lolly pop decorated layered makes it look huge and attractive and as well.


#5 : Artfully Arrangement of Flowers Around the cake 



Flowers are the most romantic and fun element to add into anything that you create. Now, one can do the cake decoration by putting flowers around the cake. For this, think about edible flowers that will just make your mouth water. The beautiful edible flowers act as a best decorative for the cake decoration. Arrange these flowers artfully on the care and make it look like a real flower bouquet. Amaze everyone with the realistic and elegant care decoration to be the center piece at the event. Get the such unique flowers delivery UK to decorate the cake before the event. Check out some beautiful flower bouquets and keeping that in mind, make a flower that are edible and arrange them on your cake. This would make the best flower for your big day to impress all the guests.!



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#6 : Petal Pusher 


Flowers are the most charming and fun element to add into any occasion or moment. With flowers, everything is made beautiful. May it be a house decoration or a garden filled with blooming flowers. So seeing everything else, why not cake gets a makeover with petal pushers. Yes, you have it available online for delivery. Flowers Delivery UK brings you all at your doorstep with the most elegant Petal pusher cakes. The elegance, beautiful, sensual petals make the whole decoration look mind blowing. With a little of them here and there you can make your cake look outstanding.


#7 : Separating Cake’s Tier’s With Colorful Blooms



Keeping the cake one above another is an old school idea now. You can make your three tier cake look outstanding with something unique and unusual. Rather than keeping all the three layers of your cake one after another, just separate them using a stand. Keep the layers at different places, and connect them with beautiful flower decoration. The colorful blooms and the separating cake idea make it an unusual decoration. This one is easy to do and quick to get the professional look.


So with all these beautiful and easy cake decoration ideas, make your grand day memorable. Let every guest have a memory to take back and always have a lasting smile. These cake ideas are easy and convenient to shop online or make at home.  Decorate the cake with flowers, pops, confetti’s or just keep it naked you will surely have best date at the venue!


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