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Apply 6 Unique Secret Techniques To Surprise Your Life Partner

Posted by ocillious 26th July 2016 0 Comment(s)

     Apply 6 Unique Secret Techniques To Surprise Your Life Partner

Surprising your partner is a bit tricky and sensitive task. There takes a lot of courage to do it for them because sometimes your emotions might be taken in wrong way. To add some excitement into your relationship, surprise your life partner with these unique and secret ideas. These secret tips defiantly makes you a perfect partner. Find some unique gift for her and surprise your life partner with these secret techniques.


1) Scrabble Love


Scrabble Love


Gift your girl a sweet, thoughtful and geeky gift. If you have scrabble game handy with you, use tiles to make her name out of it. Pick up a letter of her name and your name and joint them with Love word. This could be a lovely scrabble love game to impress her. These letters can be stick on wooden board with the help of glue and pack it in a surprising gift wrap. Simply amazing idea to make your life partner go blushing all around.

2) Historical Tour


Historical Tour


Every couple has a history. It is always good to see any girl his man remembering all the simplest moment of their relationship. Take her to the history of your journey and live all those beautiful memories once again. An historical tour can keep her surprised knowing that you have been knowing and remembering all that. Her happiness would have no bound during this whole surprise because what you did was just unexpected.

3) Wake Her up to Her Favorite Song 


Your girl might be having one favorite song that makes her go happy all around. Let her celebrate this special gift when she wakes up in the morning. Making her mornings special would help her stay fit and happy throughout the day. Songs are the best therapy as well according to studies that can change human minds.


Go through her track list and pick her favorite song that will truly make her day special and memorable.

4)Change Your Cell Phone's Wallpaper


Change Your Cell Phone's Wallpaper


She would love to see that everything that is belong to you has her mark. Having her wallpaper on the cell phone will make her fall for you all over again. She won’t need anything more to say about your feelings and expression because what you have done is just priceless. Many a times she wont ask you for anything but deep inside she expects such small gestures that keeps aliveness in the relationship. When she knows that her man is  always in her thoughts.


5) I Love You Balloons


 I Love You Balloons


If you are planning to send flowers ukdon’t forget to send I love you balloons along with this. Because these two make a perfect romantic expression without much expression in words. Not always you have to expression words. Some thoughtful gifts can say it all in a most surprising and loving way.


So now when you have so many good ideas to surprise her, make your life partner go happily crazy about it. When a women is happy she will definitely make your life more special and mesmerizing. Her happiness has power to win the whole world. Just take care of her happiness and you will have a good journey towards your life with her. These simple and surprising things can just make your day special. These ideas won’t take much time but yes definitely ahs many more power to win the heart.


Go for it now and make this a best gift for her to have been blessed with you. Just make her feel important and she would happily accept everything ever after.


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