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Anniversary Gift Guide by Year

Posted by ocillious 31st July 2014 0 Comment(s)

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Picking up anniversary gifts to couples can be a lot of fun. Choosing what he and she will like, gifts that would bring a smile to their face and gifts that would etch a mark in their minds is actually a very interesting process. People have different choices, yet the only worst thing that can happen on their anniversary is not to turn up with a gift! Beautiful Anniversary gifts is a tradition that has been followed since the Middle Ages and in this Millennia Age the meaning of such gifts is totally revamped. We have taken some excessive pains to prepare an Anniversary gift Guide by Year, which would ensure that you never fail in turning up with a right gift.


1st Anniversary Ideas


 Anniversary Ideas


For every couple, the most exciting event after their marriage is celebrating their first anniversary. Traditionally, paper gifts were given, the reason behind this being that they have just settled, known each other better and smoothened the creases between them. The modern day gifts include clock, plastic and gold jewelry. The clock signifies that may their relation always remain evergreen and never wither with time. The idea behind the gift of gold jewelry is that it remains with them forever, making them remember you whenever they wear it.


When couples reach their second anniversary, it means most of the hurdles are passed and the initial disagreement period has gone by. At this stage, gifting them china crockery conveys that may their relationships work as smoothly as the china surface. There are a few rough edges, but overall it has a very smooth and shiny luster. In the olden days, cotton was gifted which implied, that may the relation remain soft and fluffy as cotton. No matter what difficulties come, they should be solved by both persons sensibly.


25th Anniversary Ideas


25th Anniversary Ideas


On the 25th anniversary, most common gifts are silver gifts. Silver is a symbol of a metal that is not tarnished for a long time. 25 years of togetherness make the pair so attached come any storm; they’ll always come out winners. Golden anniversary is successfully completing 50 years of closeness and in-separation. One tradition that has not changed since medieval times is the ritual of gifting gold on the 50th Anniversary. Like gold, the ever-shining metal that has no effect of extreme conditions, similarly a relation has been the testament of all tests and examinations.


However, there is one gift that can be given on the occasion of all anniversaries and will always bring a smile to the couples. Flowers are an emblem of never-dying love, respect and support. Is any of your dear ones’ anniversaries somewhere around the corner? Flowers Delivery UK has such an exhaustive list of flowers growing, you bet it would light even the grumpiest man’s day! Well, we make sending anniversary gifts as easy as sailing through the wind. Pick up a bunch of exquisite red roses from our website, order them online and it’ll be our mission to deliver them to the given address at the specified time. We’re never later nor early, always on time


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