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Chocolate Facts and Information: Need to Know

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Irrespective of age everyone loves indulging themselves into the chocolates. With its first bite itself it swirls in your mouth and gives you a pure pleasure. The key to the door of heart is chocolate gift Ideas to your loved ones who are other side of globe. But do you know the benefits of the tempting chocolates? 


Here are some of the amazing things you need to know about bitter-sweet chocolates which are irresistible.



All information about chocolates



Why Chocolate Is Important?



1) Good for heart and circulation

The flavanols present in the dark chocolates are responsible for raise of blood flow of brain and heart. The dark chocolate prevents White Blood Cells from sticking to the walls of blood vessels.


2) Reduce the risk of stroke

When a blood clot travels to the brain and it bursts that when stroke takes place. Studies have shown that who consume the dark chocolate have lower risk of stroke. But one needs to keep in mind that a subtle amount of chocolate is best.


3) Mineral rich

Yes, you heard that right. Dark chocolate is full of minerals which are essential for your body.

A 100 gram of bar containing 70% to 80% cocoa has magnesium, zinc, iron, copper and manganese. It also consists of potassium and phosphorus.


4) Good for skin

The flavanols present in the chocolates acts as a antioxidant protecting you from the sun. It also improves the hydration of the skin making you look younger. Thus, indulge into a small portion of dark chocolate.


5) Prevents diabetes

One recent study shows that the flavanols present in the dark chocolate are responsible for anti-diabetes. It increases the level of insulin and maintains the low glucose. One needs to consume unprocessed chocolate which is bitter in taste.


6) Good for brain

One more benefit of consuming dark chocolates is it is good for brain. It increases the flow of blood and reaches to the brain. It boosts up the memory and makes your brain healthy.



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Varieties Of Chocolates



1) Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate is also known as black chocolate. Made with 70% to 80% cocoa it includes cocoa butter and no milk solids.


2) Milk chocolate

The name itself suggests that it includes milk. Although in some European countries they use condensed milk. It is sweeter than dark chocolate.


3) White chocolate

Made with cocoa butter only white chocolate doesn't have cocoa solids. It's sweet and taste like Vanilla.This is an ideal chocolate gift Ideas for your chocoholic loved one.


4) Organic chocolate

Organic chocolates are the one which are fresh from the farm without the use of any chemicals. It has 70% cocoa.


5) Gianduja chocolate

Gianduja Chocolate is generally made by mixing 30% hazelnut paste with cocoa and other ingredients. It is also made with almond paste.


6) Sweetened chocolate

It's the chocolate which is use for cooking purpose. It contains sugar as much as cocoa and other ingredients.




Things Can Do With Chocolates




1) Chocolate ganache

Chocolate ganache is generally used into the fillings of pastries, as a icing to the cake and to drizzle on brownie. Adding hot cream to the chocolate chunks and double boiling it will make delicious ganache.


2) Chocolate pastry

One of the simplest ways to use the chocolate is by making Chocolate Pastry. It consists of chocolate cake with butter creaming frosting. To make it look attractive, chocolate ganache is drizzle on top.


3) Chocolate bark

You don't need to be a master for Chocolate bark. It's about the creativity. All you need to do is melt white chocolate and pour it over the dark chocolate and make designs using toothpick or skewer. You can also add nuts on top of it.


4) Chocolate pretzels

Everyone loves salty pretzels. Melt the chocolate and dip the pretzel and let it set in refrigerator. Along with some sweet and salty pretzel send chocolate gifts to make your folks feel delightful.


5) Chocolate brownies

Gooey, nutty and Chocolaty everyone loves brownie. Made with flour, melted chocolate, eggs and some more ingredients. Serve it with Vanilla ice cream and enjoy melting moments.


6) Chocolate pops

Chocolate pops are easy to make and best for parties as well. Melt the chocolate and pour it into the mold. Position the sticks into the mold and let it refrigerate. Remove carefully, once they are set. These flavorsome chocolate pops are perfect for chocolate delivery to UK as token of love.




Myths About Chocolates




1) Chocolate causes cavities

It's the common myth that chocolate causes cavity. But, it's not true it's the sugar that causes cavities. In fact the main ingredient of chocolate prevents from tooth decay. The minerals present in dark chocolate protect the enamel of tooth.


2) Bad for cholesterol

Often it's said that chocolates raise the cholesterol. It's not true although the cocoa butter contains some saturated fat but it comes from stearic acid which does not react as saturated fat.


3) High in caffeine

It's believed that chocolate is high in caffeine which isn't true. Also a medium chocolate bar contains 31 milligrams caffeine whereas a medium cup of coffee has 320 milligrams of caffeine.


4) Causes of weight gain

When you consume any food in excessive amount it causes weight gain. Same goes for the chocolate. A small square piece of chocolate daily isn't going to increase your wait.


5) Causes diabetes

Dark chocolate never causes the diabetes; it’s the sugar that causes diabetes. Consuming 70 to 80% cocoa contains of dark chocolate will generate and maintain glucose level in body.



Facts About Chocolates




1) History of chocolate

Starts out in Latin America, where cacao trees grow wild, it all starts with a small tropical tree.The First people to use chocolate were probably the Olmec of what is today southeast Mexico back to 1900.


2) Top chocolate loving nation

Switzerland is one of the world’s leading chocolate manufacturers. Europeans alone consume around 40% of the world’s cocoa per year, 85% of which is imported from West Africa.


3) Why women crave on chocolates

Chocolate is known to trigger the release of dopamine in the brain which gives feelings of euphoria. Chocolate also contains magnesium. Many women may crave chocolate before menstruation due to magnesium deficiency.


4) Produce the feeling of love 

Chocolate is said to contain phenyl ethylamine. The Same chemical your brain produces when you fall in love.


In the mundane life of everyday forget everything and savor the joy of bitter-sweet chocolates. The key to maintain the healthy life is to eat in moderate amount. Now the next time you grab the bar of chocolate and sigh in contentment. Spread some love with exotic chocolates which are mouth watering.



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