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7 Interesting Facts About Birthday You Need To Know

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The birthday is the most special day in everyone’s life. Every year, we wait for this day. On your birthday, you are the most VIP person in the whole world. Everyone, who knows you or via any social media calls you or texts you wish you good health. And, you also many plans for your birthday celebration, among which, party is the list topper. But we celebrate our birthday party, without knowing why we celebrate it.


This article discusses 7 important facts everyone needs to know about the birthday.


Why Birthday Parties ?




Birthday changes every person’s life. According to the ancient beliefs, the evil spirits tend to cause harm to the person whose birthday it is. On this day, the person's friend’sfamily remains close and celebrate. They try to prevent the bad souls from coming close to the person. Their good wishes helped to keep the evil spirit at bay. Lighting candles were the way to send the message or prayer to the God who lived in heaven. By blowing the candle out and birthday wishing,God received another message. Besides,there is a story of King Pharaoh organizing a feast for his court followers. Also King Herod made a supper for his lords on their birthdays.


Why Birthday Cakes ?




One of the stories came from the Greek tradition. That is about baking round cakes to represent the full moon to their moon goddess, Artemis. And the candle they used in the middle was to make the cake glow like the full moon. Germans are also given accreditation for being the first cake makers. They used to bake round layered cake. They used to light a big candle in the middle to celebrate the ‘Light of Life’. Also, they believed that the smoke from the candle carried their birthday wishes up to the heaven. So, order a beautiful and tasty birthday cake for your loved one. Birthday Cake Delivery UK is a reliable online site for such purpose.



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Why Cutting the Cakes ?




Cakes are inseparable part of any celebration, be it birthday or wedding day. But there is always a secret behind cutting of cakes in different occasions. On birthdays, there is a belief that sweet is auspicious for any occasion. Also, it helps to absorb tryptophan in the body, enhancing production of serotonin. Serotonin helps boosting one’s mind. It was the time of the industrial revolution, the concept of cake became universal. The ingredients of cake- sugar, honey, flour,etc entered into the importation business. Thus the tradition of cutting cake spread from the West to worldwide.


Why Birthday Balloons ?




 Balloons were first introduced by world famous rubber manufacturing company Thomas Hancock. Before, balloons were children’s toys, made of animal bladders or of their intestines. Especially Aztecs had a tradition of blowing air in the bowels of the cat they sacrificed. Then they gave them different animal shapes by twisting them. And sacrificed those to the Gods. European jesters, troubadours blew the entrails of the deceased/butchered animals as balloons. This was to entertain them. So, order colorful and funny balloons from Balloon Delivery UK online site.


Why Birthday Songs ?

The ‘Happy Birthday Song’ is one of the three most popular songs in English language. Also, it has translations in dozens of languages. But there is a story behind this song. This song was first written by two school teachers, Patty Hill and Mildred Hill, who were sisters, in 1893. The song was actually a ‘Good Morning to All’ song. It was the prayer song used in the school of Louiseville, Kentacky, where they both were teachers. But later, after 11 years of Petty’s death, the franchise had gone to a multi-millionaire company. From 1989 onward, Warner Communication has owned the copyright. And they bought it for more than $22 million.


Why Birthday Candles ?

Ancient people used to light candles on their birthdays. This was to keep the evil spirits away from the ‘birthday person’. Also, they believed that lighting candles is a way of sending prayers and 'happy birthday' wish to God. Greeks used candles in the middle of the round shaped cake. This represented the ‘moonlight’. And they dedicated the cake along with the candle to their goddess of the moon, Artemis. Also, Germans (who introduced the birthday cakes)used to light a big candle in the middle of the layered cake. This was to celebrate the ‘Light of Life’. Also. They used to blow candles in a belief that the smoke carries the birthday wish up to the heaven. Now, that one must not tell their birthday wishes to anyone. If they could blow all their birthday candles once, their wish come true. The candles which did not blow out are the no. of boyfriends or girlfriends you have, which id for total fun.


Why Birthday Gifts ?




As birthday is the most special day of anyone’s life, we all shows our love, care for the person on that special day. And our gifts convey our feelings about the person to him. So, one can gift anything the ‘birthday person’ likes. That might include customized gifts, pens, flowers, photo-frames. Or even books, showpieces, teddy bear on his or her birthday. And they can order gifts like flowers in flower Delivery UK online site.



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So, choose the kind of gifts your dear one love. And order those birthday gifts for her from UK online delivery sites.


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