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7 Birthday Surprise Ideas for your BFF

Posted by ocillious 26th September 2016 0 Comment(s)

7 Birthday Surprise Ideas for your BFF


People love giving surprises to their best friends on any kind of occasions – whether it be on their birthdays, anniversaries, or simply, just for no occasion at all. There is an inevitable fact that every person in the world has to face – everyone has a birthday. But, there are so many birthdays of your loved ones that it is quite difficult to keep track of all of the days and dates. Thus, there is a huge chance that a birthday of a loved one might be coming near and you have absolutely no idea about it. When the day arrives, you realize that you have forgotten the date and you have to come up with a gift so that the birthday boy or girl doesn’t feel bad. Have no fear. There is a high chance that you might have a florist near your locality. Even if you don’t, then also you don’t have to worry. The level at which technology has advanced in the present age, you will be able to buy and deliver flowers online.


If your friend doesn’t like flowers, then also you don’t need to worry. There are some amazing birthday gift ideas which you can find online. Out of all the ideas, here are 7 of the amazing ideas with which you can surprise your BFF on his/her birthday.


Brunch Gift with Sparkling Cava Francesca Ricart –

Brunch Gift with Sparkling Cava Francesca Ricart


Surprise your BFF on her birthday morning by presenting them with a sparkling cava set created by Francesca Ricart. The exclusive sparkling Spanish white wine, Cava is easy-drinking and fresh. You can toast to your BFF on his/her birthday morning with this wonderful box of savory and sweet gourmet treats. Enjoy the day with delicious Oxfam Fair Trade Gingerbread cake with fruits, and honey and chocolate Muesli. Bite into the savory Millcrepes Crèperolles Cheddar and Don Peppino Bruschetta with Bastinade Dried Tomato spread. The Cava can also be enjoyed with Corné Port-Royal Royal Caramel Truffles and Belgian chocolates which are also there in the box. On top of all these delicious treats, you have simple chocolates, honey, and Royal Belberry jams. In one word, this box of treat is simply amazing.


Champagne Lallier Premier Cru Rose Brut –


Champagne Lallier Premier Cru Rose Brut  


This is pale and pretty pink champagne that has an exhilarating sense of elegance and freshness. It is principally created from 1/5 Chardonnay grapes and Pinot Noir. The champagne is matured in a bottle on lees for 48 months so that it can capture the clean fresh fruit flavor and also add an appealing softness to its taste. This is a great Champagne combination of elegance and sippable.


4 Happy Birthday from All of Us Balloon –


4 Happy Birthday from All of Us Balloons


Don’t want to give any complicated birthday gifts? Then, keep it simple. Just give your BFF a bunch of 4 Balloons saying ‘Happy Birthday from All of Us’. Balloons are really a great gift item and moreover you can choose from a variety of available collection. This is a simple idea and will make your BFF’s day extra special.


British Pink Lily Bouquet –


British Pink Lily Bouquet


Birthday flowers are a great idea, especially if your BFF is a girl.You can give her a bouquet of British Pink Lily flowers with a combination of white Gypsophila. The pink color is especially suited and liked by girl.This way, you will freshen up your BFF’s birthday and make them feel fresh and awesome throughout the day with this lovely gift of flowers. Since, flower are natural gift it always make the ambience fresh with its natural beauty, you would able to impress your BFF with this gift.


Frangipani & Orange Blossom Bathing Essentials –

Frangipani & Orange Blossom Bathing Essentials


This is a great indulgent treat for your BFF. The box of bathing essentials is beautifully presented in a pink box and brings together a mini Abahna Bath Soap and Foam. The scent from the Geranium and Frangipani is calming, soothing, feminine, and delightfully delicate. Plus, all of the essential elements of the bathing items are said to be a promoter of inner peace. Believe, Frangipani & Orange Blossom Bathing Essentials would be a great surprising gift for your BFF.


Premium Happy Birthday Gift Bundle –

Premium Happy Birthday Gift Bundle


Give them a combination of all the above gifts in a beautifully wrapped gift box. A Happy Birthday Balloon, a box of bathing essentials, a bottle of beautiful and tasty Lallier Premier Cru Rose Brut Champagne and a box of chocolate truffles. This is a great box of gifts that you can give to your BFF on his/her birthday. This gift will make sure that their birthday is unforgettable and special.


Pink Champagne Truffles –


Pink Champagne Truffles


Truffles are highly prized food items which come from the Ascomycete fungus and taste delicious. As a great special treat for your BFF’s, you can present them with a box of amazing truffles. Made from Pink Champagne, these luxurious truffles are beautifully delicate and filled with flavors made from champagne, cream, and just a little bit of strawberry. These flavors are packed inside chocolate shells that have been drizzled with a little bit of strawberry powder. These truffles are simply amazing and taste great. A great gift for your BFF on her birthday.


So, there you have it – seven great ideas for birthday gifts for your BFF on his/her birthday. Send any of these great birthday gifts to them and bring a smile on their face and make their special day, extra special with these seven gift options.


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