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7 Amazing British Cakes That Surely Makes Your Mouth Watery

Posted by ocillious 16th June 2017 1 Comment(s)



Cakes have always been a pleasure for all of us. There are many variants of cake, which are equally delicious. However, some like fruit cakes on the other  hand, some are fond of chocolate cakes. And some crave for vanilla cakes. There are many, who love to have decorated cakes. The british are known for celebrating every single occasion with great joy. Be it personal like birthdays, weddings, or global festival like Christmas. For them, cake is a must in all those occasions. Cakes carry a symbolic meaning, as well and a universal mirror for a ‘sweet’ and ‘enriched’ life. Different kinds of cakes have different origins, while they also carry historical interpretations with them as well. So cakes can be a very important to express the cultural diversity throughout the whole world.


Here are the details of seven irresistible and mouth watering British Cakes, which are world famous.


#1 : Welsh Cake



This cake is a very common snack for Britishers. It is easy to bake as well. This cake consists of sultanas, flour and raisins. To touch it up with a spicy taste, cinnamon and nutmeg are also used. This cake is best baked on a bake stone. This cake has a long traditional history in Wales. If you are to willing to taste such mouth watering Welsh cake, order for Cake Delivery UK service without any delay.


#2 : Fat Rascal Cake



This cake is a traditional one from Yorkshire, UK. This cake looks as same as a scone. It is of dome shape. The most important ingredients of this cake are Currants and Candied peel. This cake is very famous in the renowned Betty’s tea rooms and used as a gift item.


#3 : Victoria Sponge Cake



This cake has a very famous historical influence and importance on it. The cake acquired its name after Queen Victoria. She was very fond of this cake. Every day, she used to take a slice of this sponge cake with Her afternoon tea. The soft whipped creams of different flavor with Jam fill the cake, dredged with caster sugar is a real treat to your mouth.


#4 : Lemon Drizzle cake



The name of this cake indicates of an irresistible taste of lemon. It is also a kind of sponge cake. It is a famous cake on various parts of England. And this cake is a famous dessert for the celebration of Easter Sunday. The unsalted butter and the caster sugar are of two opposite tastes. But that is what makes it tasty and quite popular during the month of Easter.


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#5 : Eccles cake



A small English town named Eccles in Manchester is the origin of this delicious cake. This cake is a small round in shape. Currants fill this cake from inside. It has special ingredients of flaky pastry with butter. Sometimes bakers use demerera sugar for its topping purpose. Because of designer toppings they look very attractive.  One can order the delicious Eccles cake online at the doorstep by ordering online.


#6 : Jaffa Cake



This cake is an issue of a worldwide debate. Jaffa cake is quite like biscuits. Hence some people do not consider this cake as a cake. It is available in different flavors. On the basis of the debate, the Scottish High Court gave a solution. Biscuits get soft when they are stale. Sometime, the cakes get hard when they are stale. When the Jaffa got hard on being stale, finally the proof goes in for of the Jaffa Cake opinions. The yummy Jaffa cake is very popular not only in Europe but across the world.


#7 : Bake-well tart Cakes



This cake is an accidental cake. It is a puffed pastry, filled with almond paste delicacy. An ice topping with a cherry would be a perfect touch up for this short crust pastry treat. Send cake UK to a close one, even you are far from them and convey your love.


The above mentioned delicacies are very famous in Great Britain. These are also gaining world class status of irresistible cakes. We can find that every household, more or less, stores cakes and biscuits. The mentioned cakes are very relaxing companion of tea time as well. Such cakes are easy to find at any famous confectionery stores in England. And also they are available online for their delivery beyond the UK. The cost of the cakes is also very reasonable. All these cakes, besides, carry a title of world famous mouth watering cakes ever. So, pick up one or more British cakes discussed above. And order it online to surprise your loved one on their special days.


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