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11 of the Coolest Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes Ever

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Cakes are inseparable part of everyone’s birthday celebration. Be it a birthday party or a small family celebration, cake changes the essence of the occasion. Especially when it is your small loved one’s birthday something has to be special. One might through a theme party, or may be a fancy dress birthday party. And order the cake relating to that theme. A very delicious and attractive theme is the ‘Frozen’. Who has not watched this beautiful and unique love story Disney movie?



This article discusses 11 coolest Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes ever.



White Snowflakes with Elsa Frozen Birthday Cake



This is one of the coolest themed birthday cake ever. The cake has ice blue edible color on it. It is a two layered cake. There are white snowflakes attached at the top of the cake. Also, snowflakes are there upon each layer. On the top most layer there is a beautiful posture of princess Elsa. The painting brings out the true Frozen essence of the cake. The cake can be of different flavor, especially vanilla and white chocolate. To get the exact cake for your lovable’s birthday by ordering online.


Queen Elsa’s Frozen Castle Cake



This is a huge cake. The cake flavor is vanilla and white chocolate. But it is available in other flavors too. The cake is four layered. And it has white and sky-blue edible colors. It looks exactly like the castle of the princess as shown in the movie Frozen. At the bottom, there are spaces to put the candles. At the second top most layer, one can attach the year of his/her son/daughter’s birthday.There are fewer number of white snowflakes scattered and stuck upon the whole cake. Get this cake delivery from Cake Delivery UK online site.


Frozen’s Pretty Princess Ana Cake



This is a well decorated cake. A two layered cake it is. It has three colors- white, icy blue and deeper sky blue. On the bottom platter, there is a small cake posture of Olaf, the frozen doll. And at the top of the cake, there is a cake figure of the princess Ana. Both the layers have white snowflakes all over it. And some sparkle toppings are there upon every layer to create the ice essence. Write the name of your daughter on the first later and gift it to her.


Flowers and Snowflakes below Elsa’s Ice Castle Cake



This is also a multilayered cake. The cake is of icy blue edible colors. All over the cake, there are coloring snowflakes stuck.At the top of the cake, there is the miniature Castle. It is to see through fine fiber glass and is not edible. Besides snowflakes, there are red, blue and pink flowers attached for the sake. This kind of decoration gives this five layered cake the feeling of the movie itself. On any of the layer one can put the name plate of the Birthday girl/boy and gift it to her/him.


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Frozen ice-cream birthday cake



This is a surprising cake. This cake from outside looks like a normal cake. But when guests have a bite of it, they become surprised to taste the ice cream flavor inside. The flavor can be of vanilla or chocolate. It is a single layered cake. It has all icy blue candy color from outside. And certain miniatures of Frozen figures put upon it. Order this Cake and other birthday gifts for her from online birthday cake delivery UK site.


 Frozen Figurine on top of Snow with Flowers Under Cake



This is a beautiful cake. This two layered cake has different designs. At the lower layer there are again layers of roses. The roses are made of edible creams. The edible color of the flower fades from sky blue to icy blue. At the top of the lower layer there is a white pearl bead decoration done. The upper layer is of simple icy blue color cake. Also, there are snowflakes designed with white cream on it. At the top of the layer, there is white cream ice topping. And at the middle of the topping there stands the Frozen figurine of Queen Elsa.


Frozen Characters on Queen Elsa’s Ice Castle Cake



This is again a big cake. Starting from the bottom, there is a platter with a space to write the Birthday girl’s name. And the lower most layer has the same design like the castle. Also with three miniature characters around it. The immediate upper level has two miniature characters from the movie. Write the age of the girl on this layer. At the top of this layer, there is the princess. The whole cake is of icy blue edible color and has snowflakes all over it.


Frozen Fever Flowers birthday cake



This is a beautiful three tiered cake. In the lower most layers there are subtle floral designs all over it. Then on the upper most two layers, there are sunflowers attached to it. On very layer there is a silver ice topping. The cake is in shades of pale blue blues. There are white beads of pearl design borders on every layer of the cake.


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Princess Ana and Queen Elsa’s Gown on Frozen Birthday Cake



This is a colorful cake. Along with two layers on it. The whole cake resembles the gowns of the princess and the queen. The lower layer has colorful designs all over it. The upper layer has icy blue color with sky blue sparkles all over it. At the top there is a small round poster of the movie stuck to it. It gives the cake intense feeling of the movie itself. This is one very unique Frozen birthday gift idea.


Cutie Ana and Elsa on Snow Cake



This is a total figure cake. Half of it has the design of Queen Elsa. And the other half has the design of princess Ana. On the queen Elsa’s side, the cake is icy blue in color. And white snowflakes attached at the lower part of the cake. On the other princess Ana’s side, the cake is edible royal blue in color. There are floral creamy designs at the bottom of the gown shaped cake. At the bottom platter, write the name of your princess with the Happy Birthday message. Order this cake from Birthday Cake Delivery UK online.


Princess Ana on Slope Going to Queen Elsa Cake



This is a beautiful two partial tiered cake. There is a lower base of the cake made of icy blue edible cream. On both the layers, there are white ice cream layers on the top. Along with that there are decorations of Frozen characters on it. At the top there is a miniature of Queen Elsa. On the other side, there is an icy slopping with white cream. With snowflakes all over it, there is Princess Ana miniature on it. Write the Birthday message on the end of the slopping.


These eleven themes are selected on the basis of its popularity and uniqueness. Choose any one of the best suited theme for your beautiful girl on birthday convey the token of love.


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