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10 Special Corporate Gift Baskets for Women

Posted by ocillious 25th November 2016 0 Comment(s)

10 Special Corporate Gift Baskets for Women


Are you looking to surprise your girl with something really special and unique? You must know there are some of the interesting gift basket ideas out there that will just impress her. These gift baskets UK are easily available online to purchase so you can simply surprise her anytime and anywhere.


Gift baskets have become popular these days because of its increasing interest and expressions. They express feeling in its own way. No other expensive gifts can ever let you do it. Baskets make a perfect gift for any occasion, may it be family celebration or corporate gift idea.


Here are some of the special gift baskets we recommend you for your special lady:


Chocoholic Large :-


Chocoholic Large


  • She would love to indulge in the heavenly collection of chocolates.
  • This chocolate loaded basket is flooded with amazing collections that will melt every moment she indulge into.
  • This basket includes luxury Neuhaus Manon Pralines in milk, dark, and white Belgian chocolate.  
  • Apart from this, there is more you have in it such as dark chocolates, marshmallow and many more assorted chocolates.
  • Available for online delivery anytime. They are right packed and sent to you without any mess.


Seasonal Exotic Fruit Hamper & Chocolates :-


Seasonal Exotic Fruit Hamper Chocolates


  • Fruits and chocolate make a beautiful combination.
  • This is would be really exciting to surprise your lady on a special occasion or anytime when you just want to shower her with love.
  • This basket is loaded with seasonal fresh fruits and some handmade delicious chocolates.
  • Exotic and classic fruits just add a pinch of naughtiness to this whole set up.
  • Handmade Belgium fruit jellies will be just overwhelming to peep in.
  • The chocolate gift boxes inside will just add the excitement to it!
  • Hasselfree delivery at your doorstep with the online shopping anywhere.


The Royal Carry Bag with Champagne :-


The Royal Carry Bag with Champagne


  • An innovative basket idea is this plastic bag which is long lasting and very useful.
  • For women having gifts that are long lasting is always welcoming.
  • Gifting this basket would be just special gift like any other expensive gift idea.
  • It is loaded with premier products which includes ennoble Brut Grand Cru Blanc, bottle of red wine and some delicious collection of sweets and snacks.


Pâte & Mousse Gift baskets :-


Pâte & Mousse Gift baskets


  • This one makes a good corporate gift idea that is filled with style and refinement.
  • The hamper is loaded with assorted upscale snacks like duck mousse, leber pate, salami, crackers, nuts, pepper and sea salt.
  • Gifting this to a working women would motivate her and make her feel special on any occasion.
  • One of the finest edition to give a perfect pinch of celebration to your gifting idea.


Deluxe Italian Hamper :-


Deluxe Italian Hamper


  • Hamper is loaded with rich flavors and aroma of fine Italian food.
  • It contains everything that you wish for an Italian feast.
  • Hamper includes artisan linguine, porcini mushroom risotto and natural sauces of tomato.
  • It also include some extra products like olive oil, Italian almond cookies and chocolates.
  • This basket is a perfect gourmet food gift for every woman in your list.
  • This basket can be gifted on any occasion or can be a perfect corporate gift for employee.


Sweet Tooth Deluxe Basket :-


Sweet Tooth Deluxe Basket


  • This basket is for sweet lovers.
  • The basket is flooded with European chocolates, cookies, cake, candy and other gourmet confections.
  • It is specialized in giving the pleasure of fluffy milk chocolate caramel marshmallow. 
  • It is everything that you would need to satisfy the urge of sweetness.
  •  Product included in the basket is crispy, fun, indulging and soft. So you have got everything in just one special kit.
  • It can be gifted on any occasion or for a corporate occasion as well.


Sweet & Spicy Coffee Break :-


Sweet & Spicy Coffee Break


  • Sweet and spicy make perfect combination to tease any lady.  
  • Sweet and spicy coffee break basket includes some spicy snack and teasing coffee products.
  • This basket makes a perfect gift for any occasion like house warming party or any corporate gift idea.
  • Coffee break products gives a perfect refreshing break to the recipient who would indulge in the time.


Ultimate Gourmet Office Edition :-


Ultimate Gourmet Office Edition


  • For office or corporate occasion this is the right choice.
  • The basket is loaded with elegant and fun gourmet products that would just give the refreshing break to the recipient.
  • Perfect gift idea to reward anyone or to simply delight them.
  • The basket is available online for delivery anywhere and anytime.
  • This is special edition for corporate celebration and gifting.


Oxfam VIP Wine & Snacks Gift Box :-


Oxfam VIP Wine & Snacks Gift Box


  • This basket contains enticing variety of best fair trade snacks sourced from globe.
  • It includes wine, gifts and some snacks.
  • A perfect kick off gift to friends, family or office staff.
  • The sweet gifts in the basket include dark chocolate, honey cake, candy, nuts and more.
  • A perfect gift for food lover to reward with.
  • All the products included in the baskets are of high quality, thus you will never compromise on quality when look for budgeted gifts.


Foie Gras, Toast & Wine Luxury Gift Basket :-

Foie Gras Toast Wine Luxury Gift Basket


  • This one is the higher level gift basket idea that has just got better and best.
  • It has the flavor of white fruit and spring blossoms.
  • The basket contains products like wine, snacks, chocolates and many more.
  • Very indulging and romantic gift idea for your lady.
  • However it can be given to express appreciation to your dear ones and make a perfect occasion to celebrate.
  • Available online for delivery anywhere and anytime.


With these amazing gift basket ideas, you will surely please your lady may it be your mom, sister, friend, wife or girlfriend. Just make the occasion delighted and memorable with perfect hint of expressive gifts.


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